Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Revolutionizes Fleet Maintenance with Remote Device Management 

Vontas OnRoute Device Management gives a comprehensive view and monitoring of all on-board data for multiple devices to proactively resolve problems from a single application.

CEDAR RAPIDS, August 1, 2023 – Vontas, a leading transit technology provider, announced today that the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GRCTA) went live with Vontas OnRoute Device Management to remotely maintain in-field devices, saving valuable time and effort while ensuring seamless connectivity.

“We are excited to implement remote device management with our longtime partner GCRTA to optimize fleet performance,” says Ed Baldzicki, Vice President, Sales at Vontas. “This application lets GCRTA staff proactively monitor and resolve in-vehicle issues using a centralized application, streamlining operations and reducing downtime.”

Managing an extensive fleet of nearly 500 vehicles posed significant challenges in terms of device configuration and troubleshooting for GRCTA. These required tasks are normally a manual process and often involve waiting for buses to return to the garage for assessment and repairs. The Device Management solution provides a comprehensive view of on-board device performance, allowing staff to monitor multiple vehicles, identify problems, and deploy solutions and updates securely. The GCRTA staff gains insight into the connected vehicles with a dashboard to see maintenance warnings, software updates and deployment failures enabling swift problem identification and resolution.

According to Juliana Schultz, ITS Manager at GCRTA, “This system effectively brings all the necessary information together in one place, eliminating the need for multiple tools and resources. It saves us time, allowing us to focus on actionable data and quickly address issues. It has been a game-changer for us.”

The implementation of remote device management significantly reduced the time required to install hardware and software, with the system enabling simultaneous configuration of multiple devices and scheduled deployments. Additionally, comprehensive reports provided valuable performance insights and facilitated rapid troubleshooting. GCRTA has achieved improved accuracy, efficiency, and productivity in vehicle operations.

Says Baldzicki, “The collaborative effort between GCRTA and Vontas to bring this solution from a pilot program to live and in production has made a product that has exceeded expectations and set a new standard in fleet maintenance.”

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