Secure Information Exchange

Create the optimal customer experience by integrating all onboard devices for single-point log-on, aggregation of data, and sharing AVL stats to stream to your operations.

Connect Your Components

With the Vontas OnTransit modular approach there is no longer a need for vendor specific integration to the onboard computer. The OnTransit solutions suite helps keep your community connected and informed by facilitating seamless communication between systems. Achieve smoother operations, more efficient monitoring, and technology that adapts to your agency’s specific needs.
Integration and Data Sharing


Empowering Transit Agencies

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Passenger Experience

From driver announcements to passenger alerts, ensure clear and consistent communication across all transit touchpoints.

Vendor Agnostic

Transit agencies have the option to integrate solutions from different vendors without being bound to a single solution.

Open Standards Platform

Securely exchange information regardless of the architecture or capabilities of partner systems, without the need for expensive third-party connectors or adapters.
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Vontas OnBoard

Seamless System Synergy

Vontas OnBoard integrations seamlessly connect every on-vehicle component, from payment systems to route optimizations, offering a cohesive transit experience.
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Vontas OnBoard


The integration of GTFS-RT with OnRoute brings enhanced efficiency to schedule adherence and real-time transit information dissemination to downstream passenger systems, empowering riders to track the live locations of their buses, minimizing perceived wait times and alleviating trip uncertainty.

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Integration and Data Sharing
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Vontas OnBoard


We’re taking every opportunity available in pilots and partnerships to create ITxPT-compliant hardware and software and engaging with transit agencies to explore use cases for ITxPT. Learn More


Open API Integration with Vontas, Swiftly, and Transit

By incorporating Vontas’ market leading CAD/AVL Service Disruption features, agencies now have a central location to create ad-hoc service changes by central control or in-field support staff using Vontas OnRoute. The changes are then enhanced by Swiftly and shared via APIs to riders through Transit’s mobile app, Vontas and other passenger information platforms. As of today, agencies have access to an end-to-end integration that links Vontas, Swiftly, and Transit in a best-in-class data flow that enhances staff efficiency and the rider experience. The result is highly accurate real-time information with data flowing seamlessly across a transit agency’s critical vendors – from CAD/AVL to dynamic passenger information engine to passenger facing mobile app.

“At the end of the day, when our vendors integrate well with each other, it’s our riders who benefit. This is always top of mind for us, but it was particularly relevant when exploring options for real-time detour updates to riders. We saw how an integration between our key partner vendors—Vontas, Swiftly, and Transit—could keep riders informed with necessary disruption information. That’s exactly why we invested in building the integration in-house, and the result has been even greater than the sum of its parts. It’s great to see this being replicated and available to all other transit agencies. We’re thrilled to be the first agency to use this integration to show detours to our passengers.”

Michael Helta, Chief Customer Experience Officer, MDOT MTA

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