Open API Integration with Vontas, Swiftly, and Transit

Open API Integration with Vontas, Swiftly, and Transit

Turn-of-the-century transit passengers—those of the early 2000s—would hardly recognize today’s ridership conveniences. Paper route maps, bus tokens, and disposable rider cards are almost a thing of the past. Poorly timed route updates are, too. Cloud-based applications and real-time data have revolutionized the rider experience, putting up-to-the-moment route information in the palm of their hands via their mobile devices. As well, transit operators have access to real-time information about routes that enable them to avoid road delays, pace coaches in alignment with demand, deal quickly with in-field incidents, and more. And the technology just keeps getting better.


So do the partnerships. Vontas, Swiftly, and Transit—leaders in modern transit agency solutions—have joined forces with a new integration that allows information to flow seamlessly between the three platforms. This end-to-end flow of information enhances staff efficiency and the rider experience by delivering highly accurate, real-time data seamlessly between a transit agency’s critical vendors. Agencies use Vontas’ CAD/AVL Service Disruption features to create ad-hoc service changes. The changes are then enhanced by Swiftly, and real-time disruption information is shared with passengers via the Transit app.

Watch METRO magazine’s interview from APTA Expo in Orlando with Peter Aczel, General Manager of Vontas, Jonny Simkin, Co-founder and CEO, Swiftly, and David Block-Schachter, Chief Business Officer, Transit, where the three companies discuss the new partnership, how it works for riders, and what it means for the industry. The partners will continue to collaborate on innovative solutions for the transit agency going forward.

Here is a snapshot of the three companies behind the integration:

Vontas OnRoute stands out as a modular, innovative solution that seamlessly integrates with top industry partners. As the only CAD/AVL provider to take this unique approach, transit agencies are empowered to create a customized solution perfectly aligned with their operational needs.

Swiftly is a dynamic passenger information engine that uses real-time passenger information, analytics, and onboard connections to improve service reliability, passenger information, and operational efficiency. The platform helps agencies identify where vehicles were, where they are, and where they will be next.

Transit is a passenger-facing mobile app that enables public transportation customers to plan their trip using the best options in the best layout, with real-time data for improved accuracy. Upcoming departure times for nearby lines are ready to view as soon as the app is opened.

“At the end of the day, when our vendors integrate well with each other, it’s our riders who benefit. This is always top of mind for us, but it was particularly relevant when exploring options for real-time detour updates to riders,” said Michael Helta, chief customer experience officer, MDOT MTA. “We saw how an integration between our key partner vendors—Vontas, Swiftly, and Transit—could keep riders informed with necessary disruption information. That’s exactly why we invested in building the integration in-house, and the result has been even greater than the sum of its parts. It’s great to see this being replicated and available to all other transit agencies. We’re thrilled to be the first agency to use this integration to show detours to our passengers.”

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