It’s Time to Modernize Transit Communications with VoIP

Clear, timely communication between operators, dispatchers, maintenance crews, and support teams is always top of mind for transit agencies. Better communication has all sorts of benefits: faster response, better-informed decisions, higher productivity, less downtime, and more streamlined operations, just to name a few. Modernizing voice communication across platforms is often on the horizon for transit agencies, but many are looking for strategic guidance as they explore technologies and plan for the next budget cycle. If you’re considering a communications upgrade, Orion Labs may be exactly what you need.

Bring Front-Line Workers Into the Connected Workforce With Vontas and Orion Labs

In February 2024, Vontas in partnership with Orion Labs, presented a session about VoIP at the 2024 SWTA Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Orion Labs pioneered a voice-first intelligent collaboration platform that brings front-line, deskless workers into the connected workforce. Orion Labs’ products help transit agencies easily make individual, group, and fleetwide calls, adding a critical layer of communication to a fail-safe environment.

The Orion Labs solution delivers instant and secure voice, location, and data messaging across connected devices and applications. Voice and data redundancy improves everyday communication capabilities and keeps lines open for mission-critical systems during unpredictable situations. Their Push-to-Talk 2.0 offering includes a web-based dispatch console and mobile applications, location services, message playback, and archiving, as well as AI-powered technology such as real-time voice translation and support for voice bots.

In the future, Vontas will integrate Orion products into the Vontas OnRoute module for computer-aided dispatch and automatic vehicle location (CAD/AVL).

5 Ways VoIP Solutions Improve Transit Agency Communications

The Vontas and Orion Labs session offered transit agencies a clear understanding of VoIP innovations that are already available, and in some cases, that use the same smart devices already deployed for other tooling. The discussion at the workshop focused on five key areas:

Standardization – A common operating platform enables transit agencies to make fast, well-informed decisions and stay in compliance with applicable regulations while managing growth and operations efficiently.

Resiliency – Seamless scalability and critical reliability, along with support for connectivity options using commercial off-the-shelf devices, give transit agencies a common source for primary and backup communications.

Process automation – Leveraging simple, powerful automation capabilities saves time, increases productivity, and enables staff to focus on adding value elsewhere.

Safety – Incorporating rapid response that is aligned with existing protocols enables team members to quickly call for help when needed.

Employee engagement – Attract and retain employees by giving them the tools they need to do their job efficiently with the technology they enjoy using.

Download the Orion Labs eBook on “The Future of Voice at Work” to learn more.

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