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At Vontas, our commitment to innovation aligns seamlessly with LA Metro’s vision for a connected and sustainable Los Angeles.


“Together, we can help the Los Angeles Metro build a transportation system that serves the community and is truly world-class. By prioritizing the needs of riders and embracing innovative solutions, we are confident LA Metro can deliver an exceptional transportation experience.
This page provides the information about Vontas your team needs as we partner to make public transit in LA the best it can be. After reviewing, let’s connect to discuss how we can work together to achieve our shared vision.”
– Shawn Rice
Shawn Rice

Shawn Rice
Senior Director, Business Development
M: 319.893.2233


Comprehensive Solutions for LA Metro

Explore Vontas’ offerings tailored to meet the unique challenges and aspirations of LA Metro.


Ensuring the well-being of passengers and staff through rigorous safety measures


Optimizing operations to streamline processes, reduce delays, and save time and resources
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Championing green initiatives and offering eco-friendly solutions for a healthier LA
Vontas OnTransit
Dive into the specialized offerings of OnTransit, each tailored to elevate different facets of LA’s public transportation ecosystem.
Streamlining routes for efficient LA Metro operations

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Real-time tracking ensuring punctuality and reliability

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Deliver instant voice, location, and data messaging across connected devices

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Ensure optimal utilization of yard resources and efficient management of zero-emission vehicles

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Streamline operations for a superior transit experience

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Leading the charge in sustainable transit solutions

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Prioritizing comfort and convenience for every LA commuter

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Everybody on,
With Vontas

OnTransit is not just a product; it’s a promise. A modular system tailored to fit LA Metro’s needs.

A Modular System

Adaptable solutions for evolving
transit needs

Cloud Technology

Seamless integration ensuring
uninterrupted services


Collaborating with the best
to deliver the best


Fresno Area Express (FAX), a transit agency dating back to 1889, faced challenges updating their CAD/AVL system. Legacy hardware constraints made it challenging to leverage the software’s advanced features.
By partnering with Vontas, FAX transitioned from OnRoute version 15 to 21, becoming the first U.S. agency to implement the Sierra Wireless 5G Mobile Gateway Router.
The upgrade introduced public Wi-Fi across their fleet, real-time data access, and enhanced operational management. This transformative project, which could have spanned years, was achieved in just 10 months.
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Trusted by the Best in Transit

Vontas stands strong as the preferred choice for transit agencies aiming for excellence and innovation.


We’ve Got You Covered

Vontas is operating within the Modaxo group, a global collective of people transportation technology companies passionate about changing the face of public transportation.
As a business unit of Constellation Software Inc., both Modaxo and Vontas belongs to a network dedicated to empowering specialty industries through innovative software. Constellation, a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: CSU), builds and acquires software businesses worldwide to provide customers with specialized, mission-critical solutions.
In Constellation’s portfolio, Vontas gains the strength of a global organization as well as an entrepreneurial drive to transform transportation management. Together, we develop the cutting-edge software needed to help transportation providers like the Los Angeles Metro optimize operations and better serve their communities.

It is commendable that LA Metro prioritizes working with DBE firms to benefit the community and promote social responsibility.

Vontas Illustrations, man on cell phone, woman on phone, illustration showing Vontas Equipment and phonesVontas believes working with Disadvantage Business Enterprises (DBE) can have a positive impact on the community by promoting diversity, inclusion, and economic opportunities for underrepresented groups. By partnering with DBE firms, companies can help support local businesses, create jobs, and contribute to the overall economic development of the community. Additionally, working with DBE firms can help foster innovation, bring new perspectives to projects, and enhance the overall quality of work through collaboration and diversity of thought.

Vontas has a number of DBEs that we partner with regularly and seek out new partnerships by attending/hosting DBE outreach events. If you are a DBE and would like to work with us, please reach out to Shawn Rice.  


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