Strike up the Band it’s time to get in tune with Host Agency WeGo

Let’s get to know more about how our ThinkTransit host agency is moving transit forward

ThinkTransit is almost here—it’s not too late to register either—and we’re all tuning up for a great time in Music City. As we’re getting ready to head to Nashville, let’s learn a bit more about some of the innovations our host agency WeGo has rolled out, the technical tours at WeGo, and more.

Vacation, Staycation, WeGoCation!

Most of us rarely take in our cities through the eyes of visitors. We often forget to enjoy all the things to see and do right in our backyards. During the pandemic, staycations became the norm; we got a chance to see what’s around the corner in our own cities. WeGo took that to a whole new level last summer with their WeGoCation program to get people in Nashville out to enjoy more of their city and introduce them to their QuickTicket mobile app.

If people used transit and showed their reloadable card or the app at the Nashville Zoo, National Museum of African American Music, Frist Art Museum, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, or the Bavarian Bierhaus restaurant, they would receive discounts on admission or meals. WeGoCations got people on transit, enjoying transit, and building the transit habit of leaving their cars at home when they want to go shopping or have fun in the city.

This all ties into the plans CEO Steve Bland and his team talked about during their appearances on Transit Unplugged and Transit Unplugged TV. Every city has taken the opportunity to see how they can serve their communities better. WeGo has been increasing ridership and, through partnerships with Uber, able to help close the first mile-last mile gap, improved bus shelters, and helped get buses through traffic faster with improved traffic signal operations.

Of course, if you come to ThinkTransit and go on one of the technical tours of WeGo is offering attendees, you’ll get a firsthand look at all their innovations and improvements.

Technical Tours Go Behind the Scenes at WeGo

Always one of the most popular parts of ThinkTransit, the technical tours give you that behind-the-scenes look at how other agencies tackle the same challenges you face. This year WeGo will be giving you a peek into their:

  • Radio control room
  • Dispatch/drivers’ hall
  • Vehicle maintenance area
  • Sign shop

Tours of their Central Transit Center will include a look at their new fare collection system and the bus operations in the facility, plus visits to their new Hillsboro and North Nashville Transit Centers.

Keep an eye on the ThinkTransit website for more details and how to sign up for the technical tours. If this year is like all the others—these are sure to fill up fast.

Board Chair Gail Carr Williams will welcome us to Nashville

To start off the day on Monday morning, Nashville MTA Board Chair Gail Carr Williams will open the keynote by welcoming us to her city. Ms. Williams has been a member of the Nashville MTA board since 2002 and was Associate Director of Community, Government and Neighborhood Relations in the Division of Public Affairs at Vanderbilt University. She is also on the board of the University School of Nashville, the YWCA of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, the Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee, the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, and the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.

A strong advocate for community and connecting with others to make positive changes in our world, we’re honored to have Ms. Williams welcome us to Nashville and open ThinkTransit.

Time’s almost up to register for ThinkTransit!

ThinkTransit is less than two weeks away! There’s still plenty of time to register and come enjoy time with your colleagues in Music City.

If you have questions about ThinkTransit contact us!

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