ThinkTransit Day One Keynote: Dr Karen Philbrick on Addressing the Challenges Facing Public Transit

From the changing workforce to health to telling transit’s story, there are opportunities to make transit better for everyone

We were honored to have Dr. Karen Philbrick, Executive Director of the Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose State University, give the Day One keynote address at ThinkTransit this year. In her engaging talk—and equally engaging question and answer session—Dr. Philbrick focused on the challenges we face as an industry and what we need to do to solve them.

Listen to her entire talk on this special episode of Inside Vontas.

Charting the path forward for public transit with Dr. Karen Philbrick

In her keynote, Dr. Philbrick outlined a vision for making transit safer, equitable, and welcoming for all. From getting kids interested in transit early one to our own health to the benefits of transit to our communities she got the audience thinking and excited about how we can solve our challenges together. How we need to look at hiring differently. How we need to tell the story of transit differently if we’re going to get more cars off the road and people using transit.

While her inspiring keynote was enough to get the crowd energized for the conference, it was the deeply thoughtful questions and answers that let her dive into topics like equity, inclusion, hiring, the future technologies. As Vontas GM Peter Aczel said: “I was already excited about the next three days and getting into all these conversations with you; I would say I’m pumped.”

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