Why Host Your Vontas Infrastructure in the Vontas Cloud?

Today’s transit agencies are challenged to effectively manage risk, secure data with effective cybersecurity policies and protocols, demonstrate compliance and control the costs associated with operating and maintaining an on-premises infrastructure. It’s a heavy lift given that they’re struggling to attract and retain the talent needed to solve modern transit problems—like reducing ride and wait times and providing real-time information— that can drive an exceptional passenger experience.

But it’s difficult to quickly manage service disruptions in real-time. With siloed and inaccurate data, the result is a frustrating experience for employees—who typically lack the information that can help passengers—and passengers who are often the last to know about last-minute route and schedule changes.

Adopting a cloud infrastructure is an opportunity to not only improve the rider experience but also to help your agency weather economic uncertainty and a lack of resources and expertise. The cloud can help foster resilience, innovation, growth, and scalability. As one expert said: “You can’t innovate in a digital world without the cloud.”¹

Plus, as your organization embraces the cloud, you can eliminate the technical debt associated with maintaining and operating traditional data centers and legacy on-premises infrastructure.

Swap your existing infrastructure for the Vontas Cloud for better disaster recovery, risk management, and IT support

The Vontas Cloud platform is hosted on industry-leading Microsoft Azure. By hosting and managing the Vontas infrastructure in the cloud, you’ll not only eliminate technical debt but you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your operations are safe and secure. This fully agile cloud environment enables you to respond fast when change happens, ensuring riders will have a much better experience.

A key feature of Vontas Cloud is disaster recovery, which leverages rigorous backup processes to reduce downtime and minimize data loss. Data is backed up to secure, geographically distributed data centers to reduce risk. And with cloud-managed services, you’ll have experts who can quickly access, monitor, and resolve issues—without the hiring hassles.

Plus, they can perform regular security audits to help ensure your sensitive data are safe and secure and provide an environmental compliance audit for regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA.

Put passengers in the driver’s seat with the Vontas Cloud

With the Vontas Cloud, passengers will also realize fewer disruptions, safer and more reliable service, and stringent privacy protections. Reduced downtime helps them reach their destination faster, increasing satisfaction. Plus, they’ll receive real-time information that enables them to better plan their trips without navigating around bumps in the road.

Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County, Nevada: Leading by example

The RTC of Washoe County recently migrated their Vontas OnRoute CAD/AVL system to the Vontas Cloud, reducing the IT resource burden associated with maintaining on-premises infrastructure.

With the Vontas Cloud, the RTC of Washoe County receives needed IT support, without burdening their in-house IT team. Instead, they’re assisted by experts who provide 24/7/365 monitoring, troubleshooting, diagnosis, and outage recovery, significantly improving time to resolution.

At the same time, resources can be scaled up and out to meet business demands. Anytime, anywhere cloud access simplifies technology integrations between departments for greater agility. Plus, the RTC of Washoe County can hand off responsibility to one provider, lowering the cost and complexity of multiple providers and lessening friction during cloud migration.

Finally, the RTC of Washoe Country pays only for what it consumes, enabling the company to optimize capacity as well as its IT spending while reducing—even eliminating—its physical footprint. The organization enjoys a lower total cost of ownership through streamlined backups, reduced downtime, and minimal data loss.

“The RTC has a long history of being a leader in public transit innovation and continues to be at the forefront of technology advances in transportation. The RTC looks forward to our continued partnership with Vontas which has allowed us to upgrade our technology to the cloud which will improve operations, passenger satisfaction, and ensure data safety.” James Gee, Manager of Service Planning and Innovation/Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County

Learn more about how the RTC of Washoe County reduced risk and lowered their TCO with the Vontas Cloud.

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