Empowering Change: The Green Future of Public Transit

With the transit industry’s big move toward prioritizing sustainability, we are on a mission to guide agencies through the crucial transition toward greener operations. Our suite of solutions—Vontas OnRoute, Vontas OnSite, and more—are designed with one goal in mind: to assist bus and rail agencies in reducing their carbon footprint through the support of affordable, low- and zero-emission, and energy-efficient vehicles.


The Imperative of Going Green

The call for a green revolution in public transit has never been louder. In fact, transportation currently accounts for 27% of greenhouse gas emissions¹. Federal initiatives in the United States and Canada are pushing massive funds into the sector, siphoning large amounts for the adoption of eco-friendly vehicles and practices. However, this green transition extends beyond the acquisition of electric or hybrid buses; it demands a comprehensive overhaul of operational systems to accommodate new technologies and optimize their environmental benefits.

Facilitating a Greener Future

Our mission at Vontas goes beyond supplying technology. We’re here to help transit agencies fundamentally reimagine how they operate in a more sustainable world in a variety of ways.

When it comes to transit operations at large, we’re helping agencies improve their efficiency by cutting down on fuel consumption through smarter route planning, diligent maintenance schedules, and strategies to minimize vehicle idling. Our technology also empowers agencies to use low- to zero-emission vehicles. Vontas OnRoute supports the intricate needs of green vehicles in scheduling, maintenance, and more, ensuring seamless integration into existing fleets.

We’re also making it easier for agencies to make informed decisions to support sustainability goals. Vontas OnSite enhances data integration and improves the flow of information within transit systems so analysts can have a comprehensive view of their fleet.

Additionally, we understand that the shift to green technologies comes with a learning curve. We are dedicated to aiding transit agencies’ staff in adapting to new routines and systems, making the transition as smooth as possible.

Success Stories and the Road Ahead

Zac Herness, our Vice President of Product Management, emphasizes the diversity of green solutions available to transit agencies.

“Public transit may have been even more impacted than most industries with employee challenges coming out of COVID, and all of the different options for buses described can add more complexity to an already difficult job to dispatch, maintain, and drive routes efficiently and effectively. At Vontas, one of our driving goals is to make this easier—to reduce complex operations by building systems that make it easier for employees to do their job and serve your riders well.”

From battery electric buses to fuel cell electric vehicles, the options are vast, each with its own set of advantages and suited to different operational contexts. California’s ambitious plan to add 200 hydrogen refueling stations by 2025 is a testament to the growing momentum behind these technologies.

Moreover, the significance of addressing climate change resonates strongly with younger generations, who applaud transit agencies’ efforts toward sustainability. This shift not only aligns with environmental goals but also with public sentiment, marking a promising direction for the future of public transit.

Leveraging Technology for Sustainable Operations

The integration of IT for Public Transit (ITxPT) standards plays a crucial role in this journey. By consolidating functions within a vehicle to reduce power requirements and streamlining communications, ITxPT is enabling a more efficient and eco-friendly transit ecosystem. This technological synergy is pivotal for agencies aspiring to a greener footprint, underscoring the importance of innovative solutions in the march toward a more sustainable future.

Leading the Way to a Greener Tomorrow

In a world clamoring for environmental solutions, Vontas is not just responding to the call—we’re leading the charge. Our integrated solutions, backed by a deep commitment to innovation and sustainability, are paving the way for a greener future in public transit. As we continue to support transit agencies in their quest for sustainability, our vision remains clear: to drive the transit industry towards a greener, more sustainable future, one solution at a time.

For more insights into how Vontas is revolutionizing the transit industry and to join us on this green journey, download the Going Green at Your Agency eBook. Together, let’s redefine the future of public transit.

¹United States Environmental Protection Agency. (Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions | US EPA)

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