Wow Transit Passengers With Infotainment Systems

Passengers’ desires are simple—they want real-time information to make their journey safe, convenient, and comfortable. Enriching the rider experience is a top priority for transit agencies seeking to lure new customers and keep loyal ones coming back. Infotainment systems featuring onboard entertainment, interactive content, and real-time updates keep passengers informed and engaged while en route, enhancing their commute significantly. Among the benefits for transportation companies are a better rider experience, calmer passengers, well-informed customers, and a welcome presence in the community.

Improve the Rider Experience

Transit agencies are keen to create a seamless and enjoyable journey for their passengers. Infotainment systems put vivid, real-time, and easy-to-understand information at riders’ fingertips, minimizing frustration by giving them essential updates on detours, transfers, and arrival times when they need it most. They enable passengers to stay informed about their destination with up-to-the-minute news, weather, health advisories, local business information, and travel guidance. Infotainment also provides a welcome distraction on long routes.

Reduce Passenger Anxiety

Anxiety is often the manifestation of uncertainty, and it is the bane of new or infrequent riders who aren’t used to relinquishing control of their commute. Infotainment systems can make passengers feel more at ease by providing accurate information on estimated trip duration, potential delays and disruptions, and more, empowering them to plan ahead and make informed decisions as they travel. Real-time updates allow them to adjust their routes or transfer to alternative modes of transportation, reducing stress caused by unexpected changes.

Keep Travelers Informed

Today’s infotainment technology makes it easy for transit agencies to communicate schedules and real-time data to their passengers, from how long the trip is likely to take to instantaneous information about unforeseen disruptions and delays. By integrating GTFS-RT (General Transit Fee Specification – Real-Time) capabilities, agencies can provide precise information on arrival times so their customers can make contingency plans for pickups, meetings, and transfers in advance if need be. Moreover, infotainment systems can serve as a platform for sharing important announcements and safety information.

Enhance Community Perception

When it comes to serving the communities in which they operate, getting passengers to their destinations safely is just the beginning for tech-savvy transit agencies. Infotainment systems enable passengers to stay connected with the cities they traverse. They are information hubs that not only keep riders informed but encourage them to explore new destinations and engage with local businesses, positioning transit agencies as welcome contributors to vibrant cities and rural areas.

The Vontas Advantage

Infotainment can be especially helpful on a long commute, which studies found can lower job and leisure time satisfaction, and negatively affect mental health. By providing informative and relevant content in high-resolution digital displays with excellent audio, infotainment systems make transit a more cheerful and less stressful environment.

Vontas OnRoute Infotainment, which harnesses the full power of GTFS-RT, provides transit operators with the real-time traveler information and infotainment capabilities their riders expect, so passengers are fully informed and entertained along their journey. The cost-effective intelligent transit solution (ITS) features a myriad of configuration possibilities, giving transit agencies the agility to adopt the latest advancements that drive growth, public engagement, and rider satisfaction.

In addition, Vontas OnRoute Next Stop Annunciation provides clear, precise aural and visual route and stop messages for automatic, on-board playback to keep riders fully informed throughout their ride. Passengers see messages scroll as they hear them, reducing the chance that important information is missed.

By implementing infotainment systems, transit agencies can revolutionize the way their passengers perceive public transportation. Infotainment systems create happier and more engaged riders, decrease complaints, and ultimately drive innovation and growth within the transit industry.

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