Revolutionize Fleet Services With Remote Device Management

How many vehicles are in your fleet? How many in-field devices are on board each one? When it comes to updating those devices manually—software installs, configurations, upgrades, patches, etc.—the simple math would call that a headache. And if you have a full complement of IVLUs, signage, passenger counters, fareboxes, and mobile terminals, bring on the extra-strength Tylenol. Unless…

Remotely Manage Your Devices

… unless you’ve relinquished your labor-intensive manual processes for fast, efficient remote device management across all your mission-critical onboard functions. Today’s cutting-edge device management technology transforms upgrades, support, and monitoring for transit fleet operators and their service teams. Not only does it eliminate the risk of human error, it significantly reduces the time it takes to install new software. Accuracy goes up, labor costs go down, support gets streamlined, and devices can be investigated, tested, and validated from anywhere.

Get Real-time Insight Into Device Health

Unexpectedly waylaying vehicles for device updates is an expensive proposition. With remote device management, there’s no need to wait until a device goes down to do something about it. Cloud-based platforms give transit operators the flexibility to set up metrics and alerts that enable you to measure device health proactively across your entire fleet, with customized dashboards that provide critical information in real-time. Predictive analytics can be deployed to process information-rich streams of incoming data to identify discrepancies, diagnose issues, prevent device failures, and improve preventive maintenance.

Easily Manage Device Configuration

With all those devices on board, tracking deployment and configuration changes becomes critical for the engineering teams tasked with keeping them running smoothly. Remote device management makes it possible to automate the detection and alignment of configuration based on templates and quickly determine whether all devices are in sync and up to date from a software version perspective. Cloud-based device management systems can automatically detect and resolve software configuration and upgrade-related issues, and store configuration files in one place for quick access. That made a huge difference for the 500-vehicle Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA), ​significantly improving their accuracy, efficiency, and productivity from the moment the solution was implemented.

Streamline Your Support and Upgrade Lifecycles

The increased visibility afforded by remote device management helps you keep your fleet running in peak condition using cloud and live connections that enable transit operators to remotely track, target and debug defects. A device twin in the cloud ensures that passengers continue to get the real-time information they need, even as technology maintenance is being performed. And the aforementioned predictive analytics generate valuable, actionable insights for better operational decision-making.

The Vontas Advantage

Vontas Device Management reduces the time, money, and effort it takes to service your in-field devices. Software installs, upgrades, and configuration changes can be done remotely, and a customizable dashboard shows you the health of every vehicle in your fleet, live. The result? Fewer offline vehicles, smarter maintenance schedules, faster product delivery, and better business insights.

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We help you keep your operations on track with:

  • Remote monitoring – Identify the key metrics of device operations and monitor them continuously through a cloud-based dashboard.
  • Remote configuration management – Remotely gather and modify configuration data, keeping all configuration files in one place that’s easy for anyone to access, wherever they are.
  • Faster software installations – Faster, more accurate methods to install mission-critical software and upgrades remotely, via the IoT hub in the cloud.
  • Easier troubleshooting – Remotely track and target defects by enabling debugging capability using cloud and live connection.
  • Seamless, automated upgrades – Automatically upgrade firmware and applications on devices via the IoT hub in the cloud.

Vontas Device Management ensures your devices are in sync and up to date, with real-time diagnostic and preventative maintenance capabilities that can be deployed anywhere. Keep your fleet on the road, not idle in the yard, with Vontas Device Management and the fully integrated suites of Vontas solutions for intelligent transit solutions (ITS), yard management, and enterprise asset management.

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