Vontas Acquires Orion Labs to Enhance Transit Agency Communications

With the acquisition of Orion Labs in December 2023, the Vontas OnTransit solution will integrate a communications module that delivers a constant flow of information and real-time situational awareness.

The new voice-first module will assist transit agencies in easily making individual, group, and fleetwide calls to add a critical layer to a fail-safe environment.

“Vontas is excited about the acquisition of Orion Labs as their products fit right into our integrated, modular ITS solution Vontas OnTransit,” says Peter Aczel, General Manager at Vontas, a Modaxo company. “Orion’s products help to improve our best-in- class IP-based communication solution in our OnTransit product portfolio, enabling us to deliver exciting new solution modules like translation and digitalized vehicle inspection capabilities that transit agencies are looking for.”

Enhancing Mission Critical Communications

Voice and data redundancy with the module improves communication abilities and keeps lines open for mission-critical systems during unpredictable situations. In the future, Vontas plans to seamlessly integrate Orion products into the Vontas OnRoute module for computer-aided dispatch and automatic vehicle location (CAD/AVL).

The Orion Labs solution delivers instant and secure voice, location, and data messaging across connected devices and applications.

The Push-to-Talk 2.0 offering includes a web-based dispatch console and mobile applications, location services, message playback and archiving, and AI-powered technology like real-time voice translation and support for voice bots.

The comprehensive, unified solution will help transit agencies reduce operating costs through automation while enhancing incident response capabilities. The IP-based communications aim to provide reliable voice interaction with the option for 1:1 or group communication.

The Vontas OnTransit suite of transit solutions uses intelligent dispatch technology with built-in real-time capabilities to keep operations on track and on time. The solutions focus on modularity, cloud technology, and integrations, helping on-vehicle devices connect and communicate with each other almost immediately.

Integrating Orion Labs into Vontas and OnTransit

Vontas OnTransit empowers transit agencies to deliver an exceptional, reliable, and convenient experience that meets the needs of today’s modern riders.

Initially, the Orion Labs staff and customers are being integrated into Vontas operations.

“A warm welcome to Modaxo for Orion, its team, and customers,” said Simon Ferguson, Senior Vice President with Modaxo. “Orion’s expertise in voice communication, powered by AI, is a strong complement to the solution offerings provided by Vontas and our other Modaxo businesses. There is a great opportunity to utilize Orion to digitize voice and other critical workflows within the people transportation industry.”

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