Empowering Operators Through Real-Time Data, Automation and Agency Communications

Empowering Operators Through Real-Time Data, Automation and Agency Communications

Transit agencies need agile, easy-to-implement solutions that take advantage of real-time data and information to optimize their routes. They need adaptable, configurable solutions that enable them to modernize their operations cost-effectively. And they need to free their dispatch and operations teams from the desk so they can do their work in the field or from any location, untethered from one-place-only hardware.

Modern, cloud-based applications purpose-built for transit agencies can give them the tools and data they need to solve for any number of scenarios, including:

  • In-field incidents and accidents – When transit-involved accidents occur on the road, the first consideration is always driver and rider safety. Agency-wide transparency and communication between dispatch, drivers and supervisors is of the essence to coordinate emergency assistance and, as the incident clears, get unharmed passengers back on route to their destinations as quickly as possible. Real-time data and the ability to communicate instantly enable transit agencies to address accidents effectively and that coaches and passengers are redirected in an expedient manner when other on-road incidents and accidents affect their initial route.
  • Vehicle bunching and gapping – Optimal route pacing can make a significant difference for transit agencies balancing ridership and routes. Modern, cloud-based web applications empower agencies to orchestrate bunching and gapping in real time to address the ebb and flow of ridership and route delays, no matter how complex the operational environment. Transit applications also give operators visual feedback of front-and-back vehicle spacing for a consistent pace along the route, and they enable agencies to add or remove service in alignment with ridership demands.
  • Operator personalization – While their challenges are similar, no two transit agencies operate under the same set of circumstances. Route complexities are unique. Rider needs and expectations differ. Fleet sizes and configurations vary. Budgets and governing bodies are highly specific. Operators need the ability to customize transit solutions designed for agencies in general to meet the needs of their agency—their drivers, dispatchers, riders, repair depots—in particular. Streamlined workflows and configurable, intuitive displays help agencies operate efficiently.

Applications Put Real-Time Data Where It’s Needed Most in an Easy-to-Use Format

Vontas recently released two new modules as part of its Vontas OnTransit suite of solutions for transit agencies. Both put real-time data in the hands of operators when and where it is most helpful. Whether its in-field incidents and accidents, communicating between dispatch and supervisors, or orchestrating bunching and gapping in real-time, Vontas modules adapt to each agency’s needs and operational environments.

  • Vontas Headway is all about automation and improving ridership information. The market-leading solution automatically calculates optimal route spacing based on historical and real-time operating conditions. It is also engineered to leverage ruggedized tablets and GTFS feeds and is CAD/AVL-agnostic, allowing agencies to implement it without expensive hardware upgrades.
  • Vontas Supervisor improves road supervisor efficiency while maintaining agency-wide transparency. With a mobile-first design, the solution puts the power of central dispatch in the palm of your hands, freeing operators from fixed, in-vehicle laptops and tablets. Field-support staff can address accidents, incidents, customer requests at layover terminals, discover coaches’ geographical location, and much more. And they can still access critical operational data without radioing to dispatch or limiting their mobility.
  • In addition, Vontas will soon debut the redesign of OnRoute BusOps, its flagship application and a highly customizable, mission-critical dispatching solution. In these next iteration concepts, Vontas puts users in front of every design decision, combining the latest user interface design techniques with BusOps features such as Service Adjustments, Detours, Radio Communication, Incident Management and many more.

Vontas OnTransit focuses on modularity, cloud technology and integrations, helping agencies’ on-vehicle devices connect and communicate with each other almost immediately. Explore Vontas OnTransit, Vontas OnRoute and related intelligent transit solutions at vontas.com.

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